Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breaking down the dynamics of the 3 moveable masses.

In a quick sketch, establish the general essence of the pose, which is the gesture, balance and proportion. Then establish a simple sense for the volume of the three movable masses, which are the head, rib cage and the pelvis. You are essentially establishing the mannequin or primitive forms of the skeleton. From there you locate and identify the key surface landmarks of the skeleton, which are, the pit of the neck, acromion process, the sternum, the last rib, the point of the ilium and the pubis. The basic landmarks of the skull are the chin, the zygomatic bone and the brow. On the back you will use the sacrum and the underplane of the buttocks. Now using your understanding of perspective, break the forms down into simple box forms, exaggerating the dynamic orientation of each one in relationship to the other.

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